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Richland Township is a Township of the Second Class, incorporated in 1734.
The population as of the 2010 Census was 13,052.

The Township covers 21.05 square miles and approximately 13,700 acres.
There are 77.75 miles of public roads in the Township with the Township responsible for maintenance of 51.02 miles.
There are 26.73 miles of State maintained roads. These roads are:

Route 309
Church Rd.
Pullen Station Rd.
Trumbs. Rd.
Route 663
E. Cherry Rd.
Richlandtown Pike
Tollgate Rd.
Route 313
Mill Rd.
Rock Hill Rd.
Union Rd.
Route 212
N. Old Beth. Pike
Rocky Ridge Rd.
Younken Rd.
Apple Rd.
Paletown Rd.
Thatcher Rd.
W. Zion Hill Rd.





For problems on these roads, contact PennDOT at 215-345-6060.

Township Map

Recycle Your CFL Bulbs Here!

Richland Township now offers you a convenient place to recycle your used light bulbs. Place your old compact fluorescent lamps, misc. HIDs, incandescent, spots and floods in the container located in the main lobby.

Keep an Eye Out for Road Closures
(and for salamanders crossing the road)!

For the fifth year in a row, Quakertown Swamp Amphibian Rescue Partnership will help to provide safe passage for salamanders, frogs and other amphibians across a busy Quakertown road toward the end of winter. When these critters come out of hibernation, they embark on a dangerous trek through the night to get to the vernal pools on the other side of the road in order to breed.
Heritage Conservancy, Richland Township and their local police department, East Rockhill Township and their road crew, and dedicated volunteers will help to monitor the area for signs of an exodus. Since ideal crossing weather consists of temperatures remaining above 38 degrees along with heavy rains, the crossings can be unpredictable and sporadic. When they do begin, Quakertown Swamp Amphibian Rescue Partnership will close the road to ensure their safety.
If you’d like to learn more about the Quakertown Swamp Amphibian Rescue Partnership and the importance of the amphibians we’re helping to protect, please contact Heritage Conservancy’s Volunteer Coordinator, Shannon Fredebaugh, at 215-345-7020 ext. 104 or visit

Public Service: "Heroin Kills"

The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office is proud to offer its new “Heroin Kills” anti-opiate public service announcement videos. The videos are an extension of the DA’s anti-heroin initiative, which seeks to educate the public about the use and abuse of heroin and its tragic consequences, as well as to cut the supply of drugs and identify and prosecute dealers through anonymous tip lines and other means.

Central to both videos, one approximately a minute long, one approximately ten minutes long, is the courageous and wrenching account of “Maggie,” a suburban mother whose daughter, a former high school honor student, has fallen victim to heroin addiction. Eloquently and frankly, “Maggie” tells of the toll taken by the drug on her daughter, including a half-dozen failed attempts to kick the habit, and the daughter’s single-minded plundering of her parents’ possessions and finances in order to pay for the heroin she craves.

1 Minute Video 10 Minute Video
CLICK HERE for information on where to find help in Bucks County

Ready Notify PA

READY NOTIFY PA is a community alert system that allows our residents to sign up for a variety of emergency alerts from severe weather to threats to our homeland security. Sunscribers have the option of receiving alerts via E-mail, personal digital assistants (PDAs) or cell phones.

Bucks County Special Needs Registry

The Bucks County Emergency Management Agency, in partnership with the Bucks County Health Department and the Bucks County Commissioners, has created the Special Needs Registry for individuals who will require assistance during an emergency. Lessons learned from past disasters make it clear that it is never too early to prepare. Advanced planning and preparedness are especially important for people with special needs, which is defined as those individuals who cannot receive, understand or act upon emergency protective orders. During a natural or manmade disaster that requires evacuation, it is important that everyone be prepared to evacuate him or herself to the greatest extent possible. However, there will be those who must rely on emergency responders despite their individual preparedness efforts. In those instances, emergency responders must be able to rapidly identify the location, accessibility issues and mobility requirements of individuals.

The Special Needs Registry is a free, voluntary, and strictly confidential program. It is designed to help those who would have difficulty during an evacuation because of physical or cognitive limitations, language barriers, or lack of transportation. It will help our first responders make the best use of limited time and resources to help those with no other options for evacuation during an emergency. Individuals, or caregivers on their behalf, are able to register electronically by accessing or by contacting Richland Township or the County’s Emergency Management Agency.

Local Services Tax Forms
Payable to: Richland Township

Online tax documents are in Adobe PDF format.

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2015 Employer's Return
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