Open Burning is Prohibited


All open burning is now prohibited in Richland Township. In September 2010, the Richland Township Board of Supervisors amended the Fire Prevention Ordinance to prohibit open burning in the Township. Although the burning of waste had previously been prohibited by the Township, there were previously two short time periods in the spring and fall when the Township allowed residents to burn tree branches and brush, if the weather permitted. This exception has now been eliminated and all burning is prohibited.


This prohibition to open burning does not apply to charcoal burners and other open-flame cooking devices or for recreational fires for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar purpose. However, these allowable fires must be extinguished if the Police Department, Code Official or Fire Marshal finds that they are creating a hazardous or objectionable situation. Burning is also allowed for training of firefighting personnel when done under the supervision of the Fire Chief, provided that atmospheric conditions would not create offensive or objectionable smoke or odor on other premises.


Tree branches and brush may be dropped off anytime during the year in the roll-off container behind the salt shed located at the Township’s Municipal Building, 1328 California Road. The branches should not be bundled with string, rope or wire. Tree stumps will not be accepted.


Also, the Township plans to designate one week in May for the collection of any yard waste. During that week, the yard waste will be collected from the curb or roadside by the Township’s Public Works Department. Tree stumps will not be accepted. The Public Works Department also collects leaves from along the curb and roadsides in the fall.


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