Public Service "Heroin Kills"


The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office is proud to offer its new “Heroin Kills” anti-opiate public service announcement videos. The videos are an extension of the DA’s anti-heroin initiative, which seeks to educate the public about the use and abuse of heroin and its tragic consequences, as well as to cut the supply of drugs and identify and prosecute dealers through anonymous tip lines and other means.


Central to both videos, one approximately a minute long, one approximately ten minutes long, is the courageous and wrenching account of “Maggie,” a suburban mother whose daughter, a former high school honor student, has fallen victim to heroin addiction. Eloquently and frankly, “Maggie” tells of the toll taken by the drug on her daughter, including a half-dozen failed attempts to kick the habit, and the daughter’s single-minded plundering of her parents’ possessions and finances in order to pay for the heroin she craves.




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